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Please read the following message before completing your NASA Space Grant application:

This is the North Dakota Space Grant Consortium's application form for awarding NASA Internship funding. This application will close following our application deadlines, posted below.


STEP ONE: You must have already filled out an application at intern.nasa.gov. (Click the link to start your application)

STEP TWO: Fill out this Submittable form. After you fill out your NASA application, the NDSGC will be able to review all North Dakota-based student applications. We competitively select 6-8 ND students each summer (dependent on funding) to support. After selecting students internally, we will reach out to each NASA center's intern office and advocate for you. This does not guarantee you an internship; this makes your application more appealing to the center, as you would come with an existing funding source. Over the internship session, undergraduates will receive a stipend of $7,300; graduates will receive $9,000. Students will also receive a $500 travel stipend.

We encourage everyone to apply to up to 15 positions, as NASA allows. Please let us know if you have any questions at the email addresses below. 

NASA selects interns on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you may be contacted by a NASA mentor without us knowing. If this happens, please keep us updated as soon as possible so we can open up your potential slot to a different ND student. 

STEP 3: You will be able to edit this application at all times! Maintain your "top positions and centers" list to help us advocate for your top choices. Click the "edit submission" link at any time to make these updates.  

Application Deadlines:

  • Summer session: February 1st
  • Fall session: June 1st
  • Spring session: October 1st

This Submittable Form

This form will let you save your progress, leave, and return to your entries at any time. 

If you have any technical difficulties while you complete the Submittable form, please contact the customer support team

All other questions can be directed to Marissa (msaad@space.edu) and/or Caitlin Nolby (cnolby@space.edu).

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.