Travel Grant Application

Students may apply for both in-person events (you must be actively participating) and/or virtual events (you can be passively engaged as an audience member).

Please read:
The North Dakota Space Grant Consortium (NDSGC) will sponsor North Dakota students (undergraduate and graduate students) to travel to a domestic conference, hands-on workshop, or other academic or professional development event pre-approved by the NDSGC. Students can receive awards of up to $2,500. Travel grant applications are due at least six weeks prior to the conference or workshop that is being attended. If a travel grant is awarded, travel and funding arrangements must be made at least two weeks prior to the conference or workshop being attended. Travel grant funding is awarded competitively and all applications are assessed individually. Students are allowed to submit one travel grant application per semester until they have a meritorious submission.
All travel grant recipients must submit a post-event report (you will receive a Submittable form from the NDSGC team) and upload an image of them attending their event. The NDSGC will use this information in the annual reporting back to NASA. Once a post-event report has been submitted and all funds disbursed, the travel grant will be closed.
If the NDSGC does not purchase airfare and hotel and the reimbursement route is taken, please carefully read the following: Travelers are to pay for their own travel, only. When traveling with more than one person each traveler is expected to pay for themselves, they will request their own reimbursement with their own set of receipts. This may require travelers to split payments and will result in receipts listing more than one method of payment.

International travel CANNOT be funded by the NDSGC, as per NASA guidelines.

Resources and Links:
Later in the form, we'll ask you to explain how your proposal relates to NASA and their goals. We have provided references for you to consult (not all may apply to you):

  1. NASA STEM Engagement Website
  2. NASA 2020 Technology Taxonomy
  3. NASA 2017 Strategic Technology Investment Plan
  4. NASA 2018 Strategic Plan
  5. Science 2020-2024: A Vision for Scientific Excellence
  6. NASA 2022 Strategic Plan

This form will let you save your progress, leave, and return to your entries at any time.

If you have any technical difficulties while you complete the Submittable form, please contact the customer support team. All other questions can be directed NDSGC Director Dr. Caitlin Milera ( or NDSGC Office Manager Grecia Flaws (

Please note that all NDSGC awards are made from federal grant funds and awards cannot be concurrent with other federal grant funding awards made to individuals. By applying for this funding, I certify that the activities (stipend, salary, fringe, materials, supplies, travel, etc.) supported through the NDSGC are not supported through additional federal funding during the same period of performance. Any questions regarding this requirement can be directed to the NDSGC Team.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.